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Customer Experience Training & Strategies For Every Budget

Are you ready to kick the competitions ass by investing in your customers experience with your business?

I am here to walk you through the entire process from where you are now to where your customers expect you to be!

No crazy gimmicks or hard to measure ROI’s.  These are changes you can see instantly and will hear feedback on almost immediately. 

Ready For Some Crazy Numbers?

I have worked with over 25 owner operators and small business owners in the last two years.  They took a chance and tried my customer experience methods.  

Every business I have helped seen a huge rise in customer satisfaction, return visits, higher sales, more reviews, increased referrals, and greater customer loyalty. These businesses also saved a ton of administration time in the process! 

I am not fully responsible for all the success…I simply fine tuned and automated processes for the great small businesses I worked with.  

My clients all have one thing in common, they want to lower their stress, improve their customer retention, and learn how to truly help their customers. 

Owning a small business doesn’t have to be a selfless venture, let me help you ensure that the time you are investing isn’t at the expense of your personal life.


Home Service Businesses


Happier Customers


Hours Saved / Month

need a little advice?

Improve Customer Service In Just An Hour!

Sometimes all we need is a reminder, pep talk or helpful suggestions to fine tune our customers experience. These affordable 60 minute calls will kickstart your journey!


If therapy for businesses was a thing, this would be it. If you're not sure where to start or what is missing in your business or customer experience lets figure it out together.

Investment $297 USD
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There is no other CRM that handles customer service quite like Jobber does. Whether you are looking to sign up, currently using Jobber, or ready to jump ship in frustration lets discuss how Jobber could work in your business.

Investment $197 USD


Want a 90 minute crash course on how to serve and entice homeowners of today and tomorrow? If you are new to business or your tried and true strategies aren't working anymore, I'll share how to serve "todays customer" without losing your sanity.

Investment $397 USD

Looking for something more intensive?

We'll work great together if you are...

I can't help your business if you...


Customer Experience Brand Development

Customer experiences only work if you have new leads to wow with the experience.

If your leads aren't finding you, you may be blending in with the competition or maybe you aren't showing up at all.

You aren't the same as others in your industry so you shouldn't be selling a similar story.

Your business is unique, what you offer is exactly what someone is looking for. I will help you bring that unique value to life with your own personal brand story.

This Package Includes:

$2200 USD


Customer Experience Website Audit + Plan

Spending a fortune trying to reach leads and not seeing results?
Reaching the hot seat in Google doesn't matter if your website isn't converting leads for you. This audit takes a deeper look at how your leads find you and how you can help them decide on your business.

This service includes:

$1500 USD


Customer Experience Consulting

Todays customer is different. Your industry is facing a HUGE shift between yesterdays home owner and the home owners of today and tomorrow.

Expectations are higher than ever. Demand is growing and help is dwindling. I want to help you meet the demand without losing your mind.

If your tried and true strategies for sales and communications aren't working I will offer you unique customer experience solutions that will move you into the next generation of customers.

This experience will leave you with easily achievable goals, strategies, and tools to reach and serve your customers in this busy, loud, web based world we live in.

$2400 USD

Does The Term "Action Plan" Give You The Ick?

I have worked in the trades long enough to know that “Action Plans” are not something ANYONE looks forward to. 

My plans are not rigid, carbon copy reports that I hand out to every single business with a pass or a fail.  

I have no intention OF EVER stuffing a 42 page report in a tradespersons face and telling them to fix what isn’t working in their business.   

My “action plans” are created WITH YOU not just FOR YOU.  I’m not giving you a list and saying “do it or else…”

Traditional Action Plans Don't Work

Traditional action plans that are working towards a tried and true process simply don’t work anymore 

Todays customers have seen EVERYTHING.  They are tired of being “sold to”, they don’t want scripts or fancy sales gimmicks, they want honesty and most importantly trust.  

The only way you can offer these two things is by BEING AUTHENTIC

Your business is a reflection of YOU and I have no intention on taking the YOU out of it.  

I want to give you the tools you need to step back from things that don’t need to be done by you on your own terms. 

Tools that will help you sleep at night, and help you make it to the things that you usually have to miss for work.

There is more than ONE WAY to....

helping you get things done

More Than An Action Plan


Website Copy That Converts In Your Community & Industry

Website copy can make or break every sale. Today's home owners prefer to do their own research before picking up the phone.

I can take what you do and turn it into digestable content that informs your customer about how to work with you.

There is one Google Algorythm that will likely never change, and that is the priority given to helpful resources.

I will help you create a site that answers your visitors questions and drives you to the head of the pack.


Industry Specific Content Strategies & Calendars

A consistent social media presence keeps you in touch with your customers, and capture referrals within the community.

Show those potential leads what you do with your content and encourage them to start a conversation.

Consistency can be tough for contractors and I want you to have what you need to make it happen.

I offer industry specific monthly content calendar subscriptions for you to manage your own socials or to share with your done-for-you provider.


Mailchimp Campaign Templates Created For Your Business

If the thought of tackling this helpful marketing software makes you shudder I have you covered.

Let's create branded email campaigns to inform your customer of your services.
Or remind them when it is time to book.

We will work with you to set up reuseable templates where all you need to worry about is the seasonal service you are offering and handling all the traffic these campaigns have the potential to generate.


Canva Templates Created To Match Your Brand

Graphic design isn't for everyone but sharing your own authentic messages is important.

Canva is a free design program that is incredibly easy to use for creating a cohesive brand image.

This pack of templates will give you everything you need for your brand.

-Branding Board
-Facebook Header Template
-Social Media Profile Picture Template

-Story Template
-Templates for Social Media
Posts (5)
-How-to guide on editing your templates

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