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I really hope we have a chance to connect and create a customer experience your customers will happily share with their networks.

I have answered some of the general questions I get asked down below and I offer free info on my resources page. 

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A customer experience is any interaction a lead or customer has with your business.  Interactions include visual branding, marketing interactions, sales interactions, communications, workmanship, follow up, and how your business delivered on expectations. 

A customers experience with a business is quickly becoming the main determining factor of it’s success.   Home services and trades can face a lot of competition but very few businesses in the industry focus on meeting home owners basic expectations of their services.  Focusing your efforts on this aspect of your business allows you to stand above competition in your industry. 

Start right now!  Customer experience is the most affordable and high return investment you can make in your business.  Whether you are an owner operator, or you have hired your first employees and subcontractors, a great customer experience strategy ensures that you and your team work on a common goal. 

All calls, training, and review sessions are between 1-2 hours.  Calls are single sessions and consulting or action plans can be completed in 3-6 weeks averaging 1-2 sessions per week depending on the package chosen.

My service is best for owner operators and very small businesses.  While it may seem easiest to have an employee complete the training, buy in is low when the business owner is not involved in the development of the process.

Most of the changes to your customer experience is automated and actually makes your teams job easier.  Administrators will appreciate things being streamlined and techs will appreciate walking into customers homes knowing that it isn’t a battle zone.

The amazing thing about fine tuning your customer experience is that the improvements are immediate.  Within a single day, you will have likely saved time in your day, and your customer likely feels better served by your business.  The reviews and repeat business do not take long to appear.

In order to compete in todays market, tech is a must.  No matter the age of your demographic, most have become accustomed to finding what they need quickly and having easy access to the businesses they choose to work with.   See my recommended software on the resources page.


There is a slight learning curve to some of the software that I recommend.  Overall however, recommended tech and automation is easy to implement, easy to manage, and easy to delegate or outsource if you choose to assign the management of those tasks to an employee or subcontractor.

This program is best suited for owner operators and owners of small businesses who are passionate about what they do and the business that they run.  Serving your community and