The Principles Of Great Customer Experiences


Are you showing up to your customers as an expert?

There are a few core reasons why people look for your help in their homes.

Most customers are looking for a solution to a problem.  Some may know what they need, but many don’t.

If a customer needs a degree in (enter your trade here) to know what you do, request your service, understand your website, or read your quote I promise you are missing a ton of potential leads and sales.

People are busier than ever.  Your customers are likely trying to juggle busy schedules and are likely calling you to fix a problem they don’t have time to fix.  

If you can create a clear, seamless, hassle free service that requires little effort on the customer they will be grateful and likely willing to pay more. 

Your customer could be completely capable of doing the work themselves but they don’t want to.

DIY home renovations and repairs come with a painful learning curve, tools that need to be purchased, time spent looking for supplies, nine trips to the store etc. 

Personally, I want to hire a professional and have it done right the first time.  

Every touch your customer has with your business should be helpful

When a customer is looking for the answer to their question they should be able to find it on your website.

When they call, they should be able to state the problem they have and get a quick answer as to whether or not you can help and what you recommend.

When they get an estimate, they should receive an honest, easy to read estimate in a timely manner of services you recommend to fix the problem.  It isn’t up to you to decide what they can afford or what they will be willing to pay. 


Customers are looking for contractors that are easy to work with and it is easier than ever to give them that experience.

Customer expectations have changed dramatically, and while it seems like they are asking the world of an owner operator or small business it is actually incredibly easy to give them what they want. 

Using simple online tools like Google, Jobber, Quickbooks Online, and Mailchimp to name a few, you can save time in your day and drastically improve communications and service for your customer.


Creating REALISTIC expectations for yourself and your customers that you can deliver IS A MUST.

The first two principles covered how to meet customer expectations prior to executing the work now you need to deliver on those expectations. 

Your marketing, estimating, and communications have likely exceeded your customers experiences if they have worked with other businesses in your field don’t let it unravel here.  

The trades undoubtedly have the highest rate of pissed off customers in any industry.  Homeowners constantly report that they have to chase contractors through every step of the process.  DON’T BE THAT  BUSINESS.

I can show you how to communicate your schedule expectations that will satisfy your customer and works with the natural fluctuations of your business. 

Whether you are an owner operator or have employees, a customers experience with your business should be consistent. 

The expectations you set in the initial interactions with your customers should be experienced when the work is being completed.

Your customer may have no idea what you are doing but they know how they felt after having you in their home and working with you. 

There are so many home service businesses that pay for a lead, get the work, and never speak to that person again.

If you serviced something, chances are you could have the opportunity again.  

If you installed something for the home owner, you should have a maintenance program to ensure no one else works on the equipment.  

Are you leaving behind information for the homeowner or future owners of the home to contact you? 

Every lead has a lifetime value, don’t miss out on that opportunity. 

Stop Fighting Over The Same Bone

Still fighting other contractors for the top spots on Google?  Spending a fortune on ads?  

There are so many other ways to get in front of your ideal clients and ranking the highest on Google might bring you leads in quantity but are they really the best clients?  

SEO and ranking online ARE IMPORTANT but it’s the experience that happens after the phone rings that determines who survives and who thrives. 

The best customers choose you based on how you present yourself online and in your community. 

The worst, call the first few phone numbers on Google.

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To help small businesses in the trades and home service industry stand out above their competition by focusing on customer experience and affordable technology.
let's master your customer experience


I have worked in the trades for years and in that time I have talked to and served thousands of customers.

This experience has allowed me to observe the result of every decision made in a small business.  I have witnessed how every interaction between a business and their customers can affect a businesses reputation, customer loyalty, and the likelihood of a customer leaving a review or referring a friend to your business.

I have used this knowledge to create a customer experience that can help any owner operator or small business in the trades wow their customers and stand above the competition no matter the size. 

I’m here to help you create an amazing experience that is authentic to you, your business, and your goals using simple tools, organic strategies, without you having to make more time for it in your schedule.

Hopefully we have the chance to work together!

Janine Chambers 
Customer Experience Expert

What my clients say
Exceptional customer service and knowledge of Jobber as well as other business sense. I learned so much in our training sessions, tips on communication, presentation, and new things to implement in my business. 100% recommend.
Santiago Trujillo
Owner of Sandia Shine Co.

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